Storm Plumbed Water Dispenser – Hot & Cold, 2-Stage Filter

The Storm Plumbed Water Dispenser offers hot and cold water on demand, featuring a convenient countertop design with a 2-stage filtration system for enhanced water quality. Ideal for home kitchens and offices seeking efficient hydration solutions.

Part Number: DTX172-IC
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Introducing the Storm Plumbed Water Dispenser, a versatile countertop solution designed to elevate your hydration experience at home or in the office. This dispenser seamlessly combines the convenience of instant hot and cold water with advanced features that enhance water quality and taste.

Equipped with a robust cooling and heating system, the Storm Dispenser ensures that water is consistently maintained at optimal temperatures for both refreshingly chilled drinks and steaming hot beverages. Whether you’re cooling off on a hot day or brewing your favorite tea, this dispenser delivers reliability with every pour.

What sets the Storm Plumbed Water Dispenser apart is its 2-stage filtration system, which effectively removes impurities from the water. This filtration process not only improves the taste but also ensures that you’re enjoying clean and purified water with every sip. It’s the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals and families looking to enhance their hydration routines.

Designed for practicality and style, the countertop-friendly Storm Dispenser fits seamlessly into any kitchen or office space. Its compact size and sleek design offer stability and accessibility, while intuitive controls and LED indicators make operation effortless. A child safety lock adds peace of mind by preventing accidental dispensing of hot water, making it safe for use in family environments.

Embrace the reliability and sophistication of the Storm Plumbed Water Dispenser, where convenience meets enhanced water quality. Whether you’re hydrating at home, staying refreshed in the office, or providing guests with easy access to water, this dispenser ensures that clean, hot, or cold water is always within reach.