With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, getting enough water to drink is important whether you are playing sports, travelling or just sitting in the sun. Staying healthy and hydrated during this time of the year is important. With the heat comes an increased chance of dehydration, it is recommended that you drink water even when you are not thirsty. Dehydration is caused by not taking in enough fluids or loosing too much water over a short period of time. The easiest way to treat dehydration is simply by drinking water.  

We know it might be even hard to wake up for work in the morning because summer makes us fatigued. It is therefore essential to have a proper hydration plan or rather make sure you drink more than what you normally do during the day.    

Here are a few tips for hydrating yourself while keeping the process exciting.  

Invest in a drinking water fountain 

Enjoy the many excellent benefits a drinking water fountain technology offers. Keeping hydrated all day long is great, but keeping hydrated and having access to reliable, clean and convenient water sources during the day is even much better.  

This is just one of the many reasons why it is best to invest in a dependable and hygienic drinking water fountain for your home, gym or office.  Instead of drinking tap water, you can now fill in your water bottle with the cleanest water.  

Get some water through food 

Fortunately, lots of tasty summer foods such as watermelon, cucumbers, oranges etc. are juicy and hydrating.  All these fruits can boast a high-water content especially when you head outside or to the beach.  

Watch out for coffee 

Iced coffee is not the same as water and it is not going to hydrate you. Reduce your cups to one in a day and make sure you follow that with more than three glasses of water. 

Summer is no joke, consider having your first drink of something be a glass of water. If it is extremely hot, you are likely to sip on any beverage that you come across to. You might as well be on the safe side and get that 2 to 3 litres in first, feel its hydrating effects, and then indulge in your favorite soda.   

Stay healthy, stay hudrated this summer!