Drinking Water Fountains are one of the most popular drinking water dispensers in South Africa. These products are typically found in industrial, commercial, educational, and exercise facilities. They are usually connected to a potable mains-water supply and in their standard format, they include a cup or bottle-filling spout and a bubbler valve. They are mostly electrically refrigerated which means the water they dispense is chilled but ambient-dispense units are also available.

The SST CLASSIC Drinking Water Fountain from Drinking Waters Africa is a good quality Drinking Water Fountain that has a reputation for reliability at a very reasonable price-point. The unit has a modern, shiny, stainless-steel finish and can dispense approximately 22 litres of chilled drinking water per hour. The Management of Drinking Waters have been supplying water coolers and drinking water fountains into the South African market for more than 30 years and have an excellent knowledge of the requirements of the local market. During this time they have seen a shift from products manufactured in Europe to products manufactured primarily in China and Taiwan. The main driver of this change has been price. As a responsible company Drinking Waters seeks out products that are manufactured by reputable factories. Price is hugely important but so is product quality and safety. For this reason the company sources products that are of a suitable standard to be certified by SABS as being fit for import into the South African market. The SST CLASSIC Drinking Water Fountain has been approved by SABS as being of an acceptable quality for the South African market.

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