Oval A Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Drinking FountainOval A Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Drinking Fountain
R3,363.00 (R2,950.00 exc VAT)
Plumbed desktop water cooler with filtrationPlumbed desktop water cooler with filtration
R3,642.30 (R3,195.00 exc VAT)
Floor Standing Reverse Osmosis Plumbed Water CoolerFloor Standing Reverse Osmosis Plumbed Water Cooler
R3,990.00 (R3,500.00 exc VAT)
Concrete Drinking FountainConcrete Drinking Fountain
R4,332.00 (R3,800.00 exc VAT)
Roman Concrete Drinking FountainRoman Concrete Drinking Fountain
R4,558.86 (R3,999.00 exc VAT)
Wall-Mounted Drinking Fountain with long shroudWall-Mounted Drinking Fountain with long shroud
R5,415.00 (R4,750.00 exc VAT)
Drinking Waters (Africa) is the South Africa's leading water cooler and drinking fountains specialist. We offer a very wide range of bottled and bottleless water coolers; indoor and outdoor drinking water fountains; undersink chillers, water filters and accessories for use in schools, universities, factories, gyms, public parks and other areas where there is a need for a clean and convenient drinking water supply. We are family run business, based in Cape Town and deliver nationwide.

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